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With over 9,400 funds from more than 230 well-known investment companies, Fin XN is the platform for procuring, checking and standardising fund data. Leverage Fin XN to quickly and comprehensively keep track of your fund data.

Aleksandar Ivezić

Senior Manager Sales Fin XN

Phone +49 2131 777 238 Email

Fin XN is perfect for...

Insurance companies,

who want to quickly and automatically compile their fund data for Solvency II reporting.

who want to procure the data on time without any tedious checks.

who want a standardised data format rather than formatting chaos.

Investment companies,

who want to deliver fund look-through data to their customers in a simple, central, audit-proof and efficient manner.

who want to automatically break down their indirectly invested amounts in order to improve the calculation of the SCR ratio for their own funds.

who wish to perform a recursive fund look-through of their own data.


who want to comply with their reporting obligations under the pension data project in a very uncomplicated manner.

who want to supplement their own data with relevant key figures such as CIC, NACE, LEI and ESA 2010 categories.

who want to supplement validated fund look-through data.

who want to automatically create an XBRL report for the EIOPA.

The most important Fin XN functions

Fin XN is a web-based platform with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It is operated securely via several data centres in Germany. Installation on your own IT infrastructure is not necessary.

Fin XN for insurance companies and investment companies

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Uses the standard format of the European fund associations for data exchange, TPT (Tripartite Templates).

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Customisable configuration of the fund look-through to the desired depth.

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Automated check of all fund data for format accuracy and completeness as well as audit-proof logging for sender and receiver.

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Customisable configuration of the fund look-through to the desired depth.

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Automatic conversion of amount data based on fund shares held.

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Conversion of amount data into the respective reporting currency.

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Conversion to formats for common Solvency II data collectors such as First.

Fin XN for IORP

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All the powerful Fin XN functions.

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Supplementation of missing data such as CIC, NACE, LEI and ESA 2010 categories, if necessary.

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Standardisation of the output data and creation of the XBRL message.

“Fin XN lets you control the data, rather than vice-versa. Immediately usable, scalable, clear, audit-proof and cost-effective.”

Comprehensive advice and long-term support

As a cloud-based platform that you simply operate via your browser, learning how to use Fin XN is very quick and easy. Our support team is always available to leverage their expert knowledge to help you out with any technical and functional questions you may have. You can rely on digital uncomplicators.

How our customers work with Fin XN

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Dominic Krammer

3 Banken-Generali Investment-Gesellschaft m.b.H.

“The quality and speed of the Fin XN Customer Service is an absolutely unique selling point. The response file with tagging and description is exceptional and should be seen as a benchmark for IT applications.”

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Birgit Christ

R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG

“Fin XN allows us to reach all capital management companies relevant to R+V via a single platform. We can thus procure a three-digit number of TPTs at regular intervals with just a few clicks. This dramatically simplifies the fund data retrieval process and helps us comply with the regulatory Solvency II requirements.”

These Fact customers are already benefiting from Fin XN

  • Aukera Real Estate AG
  • Aberdeen Standard Investments Deutschland AG
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