With solutions from Fact, the management of capital investments becomes easy.

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Fin RP – the solution for everyone who wants to make their disclosure management easier and faster than ever before.

Automatic import, audit-proof data refinement, including checks as well as fully automatic setting of reports in the desired corporate layout. A perfect fit for investors, national regulatory authorities, such as BaFin or CSSF, national government gazettes, such as Bundesanzeiger, etc. Simple, fast and independent – saving you both time and money.

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Fin XN – the solution for anyone who wants to stay perfectly on top of their fund data reporting obligations.

Take advantage of the platform – active with over 250 clients – that automatically compiles, validates and harmonises fund data from various sources. Use the automated fund look-through function and complete your Solvency II data with just one click. Generate reports for the BaFIN and EIOPA as an IORP or PEPP provider.