Fact is a team of individuals who deal with others on equal terms. It is made up of around 90 personalities who give the company its dynamism through their totally individual power and who above all else have the right character in addition to their expertise. Appreciation and teamwork are highly valued at Fact and everyone plays an important part in contributing to the greater whole.

All of the people you see here on the website are real employees who have provided their indiWEdual power. After all, authenticity is really important to us.

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You are seeking prospects, we are seeking personalities

As a medium-sized company we are shaping the digital future of the financial sector. So it is only logical that we are on the lookout every day for experienced professionals to support our team. We are also looking for interns, students and graduates who want to gain experience with us.

If you are looking for flexible working methods, a wide range of training opportunities, attractive salary packages, a positive working environment full of nice people and more besides, you should become one of us.

A digital uncomplicator:
A team member who makes investment management and our clients’ lives easier and the world of work more diverse for all of us.

Are you still interested in Fact, but have yet to find the right position among the job adverts?

Whether you are a career changer or someone who is looking to take the next career step or return to the world of work after parental leave, whether you are seeking a full-time or part-time job or your first professional experience during your studies – please contact us on your own initiative and we will talk individually about your options.

Contact Person

Apply now and become a digital uncomplicator.

Tanja Möller

Entry-level or upgrade: if you want to help us make further progress in the digital uncomplication of the financial sector, Tanja Möller is the right person to speak to.

+49 2131 777 123

Good reasons to choose Fact as an employer.

We want to offer something to the individuals of Fact, who, in their role as digital uncomplicators, share a common vision of making complex processes in the financial sector more simple and more successful through digitalisation. We combine a promising future in a strong company with many other benefits:

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    Health promotion

    with height-adjustable desks, fresh fruit and drinks in the office, health check-ups and table football matches during breaks instead of just sitting

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    Various training opportunities

    in the form of regular in-house language lessons, individual workshops and continuing education courses in hard and soft skills

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    A versatile salary package

    with attractive fixed salary, performance-related variable pay, company pension scheme and tax-free subsidy

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    Flexible working methods and times

    in the form of trust-based working hours, individual start times in the morning and part-time and working from home options

Language continues to evolve - so do we.

Fact is positioning itself for diversity among individuals. The more diverse the people we want to address, the more difficult it can be to address each and everyone explicitly. At the same time, we want to communicate in a precise and straightforward way. We are on the way to an inclusive language and are constantly learning as we successively change our communicative habits and documents. For this reason, we sometimes choose expressions in our language that can only be assigned to one gender, for example, for the sake of better readability or comprehensibility. However, we would like to explicitly point out that we want to include all individuals at all times - in our language, in our actions and decisions, and in our internal and external interaction with each other.

"TOP employer – innovative, modern, human"

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"Innovative, collegial and ambitious"

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"Relaxed and open"


"Very flexible employer, laid-back atmosphere"

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We are an outstanding employer