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Why start from scratch? Better: a quick implementation with the Best Practice Toolkit

Quick results with the Fin RP Best Practice Toolkit

The Best Practice Toolkit comprises a fully configured Fin RP production system and an associated test system. Both systems can be used immediately. All you have to do is set up your users and their rights.

“The only constant in life is change”, they say.

Challenges for asset management

If you have your ear to the ground, you can hear it grinding in the gears of many an administrator in the financial sector. No question: The industry is under pressure. And from several directions at once.

"In the future, clients will focus on control tasks when it comes to disclosure management."

Interview - Fact Focus spoke with Heiner Brauers

Fact Focus: Heiner, what goals are you pursuing with the Best Practice Toolkit?
Heiner Brauers: “We want our new customers to get print-ready reports as quickly as possible. The Best Practice Toolkit has everything you need for this.”

Author: Manfred Beckers

Much more than a buzzword: What cloud computing is all about.

The spirit of a new age

Innovation and change have always been considered key drivers of the IT industry. It must have been shortly after the turn of the millennium when I first read the message in big letters at an industry conference: "The PC is dead. Long live the cloud."

Author: Aleksandar Ivezić

Why institutional investors are now betting on cloud computing

The financial industry is where it’s at

"Everything that can be digitised will be digitised" is a current leitmotif in many sectors of our economy. Increasingly, the financial industry is also feeling the urgency associated with this message. And this is especially true for investors and investment managers.

Author: Thomas Ulken

Not all cloud computing is the same. It depends on the right operating model.

Not every suit fits

There are three operating models in the foreground today: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). To understand them, it is worth taking a look at the classic operation of server applications at companies (on-premise).

Author: Thomas Ulken

A brilliant idea and its implementation: The building blocks of cloud computing.

When apps learned to walk

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts" is something people like to say when the interplay of various individual components gives rise to something entirely new and greater. Different elements and technologies also come together in cloud computing

Author: Thomas Ulken

Software as piece goods: How Docker is revolutionising the data centre.

Get into the container

If you look behind the scenes, modern cloud solutions are from a technical standpoint somewhat reminiscent of the IT models of the 1960s and 1970s, when simple text-based terminals were connected to mainframes in data centres via remote data transmission. Except that today much faster network connections, more sophisticated user interfaces and a thousand times more computing power are available even in the simplest servers.

Author: Alina Schenk

Information, interaction, intuition: With cloud technology to modern user interfaces.

A feast for the eyes

User interface designers love cloud applications! It has never been so easy for us to develop beautiful, intuitive and highly interactive user interfaces that are not dependent on a specific operating system or end device.

Author: Nadine Kampen

Available everywhere, but not for everyone: Security aspects of cloud computing.

Kept under lock and key

By definition, cloud computing means: valuable data stored on remote servers, cloud applications that can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser and massive amounts of data flowing through the public internet – all of this virtually screams for sophisticated data protection mechanisms.

Author: Thomas Ulken

A concept in 20 terms. For anyone wanting to have a say on the trendy topic.

The A to Z of cloud computing

Do you know what Docker is or what clouds are for in cloud computing? If you want to familiarise yourself with an IT topic, you can study and try things out and read endless documents. Or you can simply look up the most important technical terms and the concepts behind them.